Merlin X2

Merlin X2

Merlin X2 is helping hair salons worldwide to thrive and grow
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Merlin X2 is helping over 10,000 hair salons worldwide to thrive and grow. Powerful, complete and easy to use, Merlin X2 is a dependable business tool which allows you to create a well-honed, personalized management strategy for your business.

Merlin's flexibility and evolutionary design mean you can shape it to the needs of your salon, no matter how big or small.

Merlin X2 lets you set mandatory information fields (valid
address, postcode, contact number etc.) thereby ensuring a high-quality database.

Via the client reception module, Merlin X2 gives feedback on average waiting and occupation time of clients for each time slot.

Merlin X2 simplifies your daily routine, printing off reports including service figures for each category and employee: save time at the end of the day and be more available for your clients.

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